Echeck Online Payment

Echeck Online Payment

What is an Echeck?

An Echeck is an electronic payment funded by the buyer’s checking account. To write an Echeck Online Payment clear the bank before credited to the recipient account. For this procedure, it will take up to six business days for online Echeck processing to clear and therefore the money to seem within the recipient’s EcheckAch account.

Before you create an Echeck payment, confirm you’ve got enough money in your checking account to hide the Echeck. If there’s not enough money in your checking online account, the bank will decline the payment and our team will represent it a second time. The complete amount will always be requested from your bank.

Echeck Online Payment

How do you send an Echeck online?

To send an electronic check payment, the person to whom you’re sending the payment must have an ACH merchant account. This merchant account gives them the facility to use the ACH network to easily accept payments via electronic funds transfer. Please note you can’t send an Echeck if the moment Transfer option is out there.

There are two steps to send Echeck online:
  1. The payee sends you a web payment form where you fill in your bank account number and routing number, also because of the amount of payment. By clicking “Submit” you’re authorizing the payee to withdraw the payment amount from your bank account.
  2. By making a turn a recorded telephone line, the payee can invite your bank account and routing numbers. They input these numbers, also because of the payment amount, into the web payment terminal. Upon clicking “Process” the payment is going to be deducted from the payer’s checking account and deposited into the payee’s checking account.

How Long Does it Take to Clear and Process an Electronic Check (eCheck)?

The Echeck payments online clearing process varies slightly between providers. Generally, funds are verified within 24 to 48 hours of the transaction being initiated. Should the payer have the funds available in their checking/bank account. The transaction cleared within 3 to 5 business days. The funds are move from the payer’s Echeck online account to the payee’s Echeck online account.

How Much Does it Cost to Process Echecks payments online?

The Echeck online  payment providers of Echeck merchant accounts charge different fees to process an Echeck payment online. Some online Echeck processing companies charge a better per-transaction fee and a lower monthly fee, while others charge the other. The typical fee ranges from $0.30 to $1.50 per Echeck transaction.

Secure, easy to use Echeck portal

The Echeckach online payment portal was built with the busy small business owner in mind. The system allows you to write a single send Echeck online, set up a check run, import a check batch and much more, with just a few clicks of a mouse. Send 2, 250 or more, securely and in seconds.

Online echeck processing

Unlike many other online payment solutions, Echecksach does not require both the sender and recipient to sign up for the service or require you to know the banking information of the payee. Although recipients can create an eChecks online account to securely save incoming payment history, all they need an email address and a printer to receive and print an Echeck.

Each time a recipient receives an Echeck, when available, they can access the funds fast or slow they decide! Recipients can retrieve funds in minutes with Instant Funds* powered by Hyperwallet with no need to print the Echeck. They also have the option to print and deposit an eCheck at a bank, exactly as they would a paper check.

The Majority of transactions funded within 30 minutes, but it could take up to 2 business days. The fund’s availability timing for the initial transaction will generally be indicative of future transactions for the account you set up. A small fee charged to the eCheck recipient for each deposit. Check clearing provided by our partner bank.

  • Can ACH payments bounce?

    ACH payments can also return as NSF (non-sufficient funds), even if the transaction initially goes through. Unless you're set up for check verification or check guarantee (both of which typically include a hefty per-transaction charge), your ACH payments can still return NSF.

  • How many times can an ACH debit be presented?

    When you initiate a debit to a customer's account for payment, and the debit is returned for insufficient or uncollected funds, the debit can be reinitiated up to two times. You have up to 180 days after the settlement date of the original entry to reinitiate it.

  • Is a returned ACH the same as a bounced check?

    YES, it is treated the same as a bounced check and is considered check fraud. ... But when you set up an ACH after receiving a service, goods, etc that you could not pay for, then it is the same as writing a bad check when you don't have the funds


    1. Hello Kevin,
      Thank you for visiting our website Echeck ACH.

      The term Echeck is used in several ways today. If you are at a merchant’s website and purchase something you see may see eCheck as a payment option, what this means is they will collect your bank routing number and account number and perform an ACH debit (with your authorization) for the stated amount against your bank account using the ACH network.

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