Echeck Merchant Account


What is an Echeck Merchant Account

Echeck is also known as Electronic check. It is a prevalent mode of payment processing. After Credit Card processing echeck is one of the most popular modes for payment transactions. Therefore, many industries are entirely dependent on echeck as most of the Credit Card processing companies usually say no to these businesses. Some of the industries that use Echeck Merchant Account are

  • Web Design
  • Online Pharmacy
  • Brick And Mortar Stores
  • High Ticket Merchants
  • Adult Industry
  • Gaming
  • Home Businesses
  • Peptide Stores
  • Doctors
  • Astrologers
  • Essay Writing Companies

You will come to know about multiple factors of Echeck Merchant Account. You will also get to know about the advantages of using electronic check. This article will also give detailed information about how to get an echeck merchant account. We will also let you know about the basics required for the integration of echeck account. To improve the chances of approval, you will get some basic guidelines about web compliance related to electronic check merchant accounts. Let’s get started.

How to get an Echeck Merchant Account

The process of getting the solution for your business is simple and straightforward. So, all you have to do approach a processing company the offers this facility. EcheckACH works as an independent sales contractor for various electronic cheque processing companies. If you want we can get you connect to a reliable echeck processing company. So, you will have to submit a detailed echeck processing account application to the processing company. The processing company will also require KYC documents (know your customer documents).

The processing company will further analyze your risk profile. If the underwriting team at the processing company is comfortable working with your company as well as your industry type then there is a possibility that they will send you the echeck account agreement. You should closely read the contract and based on your understanding you may sign it. After signing up, the echeck company will send you the username, password on API information for the gateway.


Integration of Echeck Merchant Account

Integration of echeck merchant account is usually very straightforward. Most of the processing companies offer ready made plugins for various content management system. If your website has built on custom codes, then you can easily integrate your site with the Gateway by implementing few PHP files on the web server. Our team will be happy to assist you with the integration process once your account has approved through our processing partners.

At EcheckACH we guarantee our services and ensure these following benefits:

  • Fully secured merchant account
  • 100% genuine gateway
  • Easy navigation to register
  • API enables services


Our Echeck service enables you to manage invoice process of collecting, submitting and tracking of different accounts of customer. So, customer always gets fed up with billing and other related procedure. Echeck payment thus create a seamless process which save time, give security, increases reliability and thus helps in quick payment method system between you and your customers. it thus lower your processing cost and increase revenue.

Let us help you get an Echeck merchant account today!

  • How does an electronic check payment work?

    An electronic check is a form of payment where a customer's funds has transferred into a merchant's account over the ACH (Automated Clearing House) network. To process such payments, a trader requires an eCheck processing, through which payments made by eChecks can be withdrawn directly from the client's bank account.

  • What happens if an eCheck bounces?

    If your check bounces after somebody deposits it, it's going to cost you. For starters, you'll pay fees to your bank: You may face overdraft charges or non-sufficient funds (NSF) fees

  • Can an electronic check be declined?

    If funds are not available in the buyer's account when the eCheck has processed, it will be declined. But insufficient funds aren't the only reason the eCheck may be declined; a processing error also could be to blame. If it's wrong, or if the bank account number is wrong, the eCheck will be declined.

  • Why do eChecks take so long?

    Even if you used your bank account, it can take up to 4 days for the funds to be transferred to the seller or merchant. Yes, as with an eCheck, the funds have been requested to leave your account however, there's a 3rd party system between your account and the bank which actually does the electronic money transfer.


    1. Hello Ashok,
      Thank you for visiting our website Echeck ACH.

      Yes, it is absolutely possible provided the processor has multiple channels.
      Most of the USA and Canada based processing firms allow merchants to access credit card processing and Echeck payment gateway.
      Please keep in mind that you may have to get desperate approvals for each channel. Most of the time Echeck solution is used by high-risk merchants.

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